Energy Risk Platform

Cloud-based Risk Management for the Oil & Gas Industry

NEXT GENERATION architecture

InstaNext utilizes a robust N-Tier architecture that instantly delivers application programming interfaces (APIs), security, audit trails, and dynamic data modeling.


InstaNext software is delivered in the cloud on a dedicated cloud server. Using the latest web technology, InstaNext can be deployed quickly and with low risk.


InstaNext is built using cutting-edge, RESTful web protocols that make it adaptable to your business requirements and open to integrate with any existing ETRM, ERP or 3rd party system.


InstaNext is designed to be able to scale with your changing business needs and can easily handle increases in trade volume or user numbers without costly reconfiguration.


InstaNext delivers cloud-hosted SaaS solutions over the web. Each customer is given an isolated instance that can be tailored to suit your specific business needs. Instances are completely maintained by InstaNext and all systems are updated regularly at no additional cost. Our SaaS solutions give customers easy access to the InstaNext software platform and offer numerous advantages.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

InstaNext cloud solutions are designed to easily adapt to your business without the costly reconfiguration that would come with an on-site software installation. Transitioning to our cloud system means you no longer need the hardware and software infrastructure required for an on-premise solution, which ensures a significant reduction in the associated IT support and management costs.


InstaNext cloud solutions enable clients with the flexibility to keep up with your changing business requirements. Resources can be quickly added to meet a short-term requirement and then removed when that requirement has been met. This flexibility adds to the cost effectiveness offered by our software solutions because it allows you to pay only for what you need, when you need it.


Access to InstaNext’s out-of-the-box cloud solutions can be enabled quickly and easily, dramatically cutting the lead time required to be up and running with a new system. With InstaNext’s fast implementation times combined with your reduced cost of ownership, it makes it easy to deliver value to your business.


InstaNext is committed to keeping the highest standards in data security. We annually undergo an  SSAE 18 SOC 1 examination (formerly SAS 70) by a registered 3rd party organization.