NB Power Adds Coal & Uranium to InstaNext License

InstaNext, a premier provider of cloud-hosted commodity trading and risk management solutions, announced today that NB Power will add coal and uranium to their InstaNext license.

As the primary electrical utility in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, NB Power provides approximately 75% of the power needed daily by residential and industrial consumers within the region. The power company operates and maintains one of North America’s most diverse generating systems consisting of 12 hydro, coal, oil and diesel-powered generating stations that can pump out upwards of 2,853 megawatts of power. In addition to supplying power throughout New Brunswick, these powerful stations also export energy to New England, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Since implementing InstaNext in 2015, NB Power has relied on the software’s robust reporting and analytics tools for their natural gas, heavy fuel oil (HFO), power, and FX hedge positions. The InstaNext platform is able to seamlessly integrate with the power company’s hedge accounting system pulling trade data and prices in order to generate custom reports and data visualizations of their volumes and P&L. InstaNext’s simplistic visual reporting suite has enabled NB Power to present their management with a multitude of specialized reports and graphs showing positions and price averages. Prior to licensing InstaNext, the power company was struggling to compile the necessary reports using excel spreadsheets and manual processes.  “With the addition of coal and uranium, NB Power will be able to capture all of their hedge positions in one integrated system,” stated Richard Kulaszewski. “This will give them the ability to measure limits vs. additional exposures for a holistic view of the risks across all of their commodity types.”

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